2023.05 Congratulations to Mandy on passing her qualifying exam!

2023.01 We received an Innovation Award from the International Rett Syndrome Foundation

2022.12 We received a grant from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

2022.09 We received a Longevity Impetus Grant

2022.07 We received a Klingenstein-Simons Award

2022.06 Lizzie Craig joins the lab as a STARS summer research student!

2022.06 We received a Whitehall Foundation Research Grant

2021.12 Mandy Eckhardt joins the lab as a Graduate Student!

2021.09 Tiffany Chin joins the lab as a Research Assistant!

2021.06 Eric Sun joins the lab as a Research Assistant!

2021.04 Collaborative work led by the Deshmukh lab is published in Cell Reports

2021.02 The lab website is online. Looking forward to opening the lab in the spring!